Online Courses

Welcome to the web page for online course programme, a collaboration between the Chisholme Institute and a small group of people who have benefitted from their association with Chisholme House over the years.

Born in a time of global change, this is a response to an urgent need many people feel for a deeper understanding of how the world really is and to explore what truly gives meaning to life – especially in these times defined both by uncertainty and opportunity. Following the overwhelmingly positive response to the first of such courses offered in April 2020, a more extensive online programme is now being developed.

Here is what is available now:

Discovering Unity: Free 7-week Online Course

22 September to 3 November
This is an introductory course and is free of charge. It is structured in a way that provides an opportunity for everyone to share, whatever their previous experience. Donations to the Chisholme Institute are welcome.
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Testimonials on past courses, see here...

Deepening Unity: 7-week Online Course

1 October to 12 November
Deepening the understanding and experience of Unity through meditation, contemplative conversation and embodied inquiry.
Course facilitated by Derek Elliott and Ally Stott
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Mindfulness for Life: 8 week Online Course

15 October to 3 December
A course developed by the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre, offering training in self-knowledge which many students of the Unity of Existence may find useful.
Course facilitated by Peter Yiangou
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To find out more, or to apply, please follow the links to the courses offered, and contact the course facilitators.

A one week residential course is proposed for some time in the near future, for those who have completed the introductory course and want to take a step further. If you are interested in participating please contact the and ask to register your interest.