Discovering Unity: Courses for 2020


Free 7 week Online course: 22 September to 3 November, with more dates likely to follow

40-Day Intensive Retreat: 1 October-10 November 2020
99-Day Intensive Retreat: 25 November 2020-3 March 2021
Both intensive courses as one: 1 October-3 March 2021, with a short break in November

The Premise

These courses have the sole purpose of creating the conditions for real self-knowledge in the light of the unity of being.

To this end our approach is experiential rather than academic, and aims to establish us in a vision and taste that can inform the rest of our lives.

The raw material of the courses and their subject matter is us. The premise of unity – that all being is One – is the starting point and constant reference, and what will inform us in fact is our own inner reality. The design of the courses and their contents are intended solely to stimulate and nourish this process.

The courses are intentionally group-based and this bring many advantages, because in reality we are mirrors to each other and no-one travels this path completely on their own. Meanwhile this intensive and demanding situation can take us beyond our ordinary limits and comfort zone.

At present we offer two kinds of Discovering Unity courses - a 7 day introductory course and two longer intensive retreats during the winter months; a 40 day intensive and 99-day follow-on. It is highly recommended in most circumstances that students complete an introductory course before attempting the longer course.

The Form

Chisholme House and the beautiful estate provide a supportive environment for a journey of self-discovery in the company of fellow students and the facilitators who will assist you. By combining theory and practice mind, body, spirit and heart are all brought into play.

Daily Study and conversation sessions draw on the works of masters from different wisdom traditions, primarily Ibn ‘Arabi, Rumi, and Lao Tsu. Study material is also taken from more contemporary sources – for example Einstein and Adyashanti.

Regular meditation and mindfulness-based practices develop a contemplative condition in us and help us cultivate awareness and presence, which are indispensable for real learning.

Work is in the garden, estate, house and kitchen, the proving grounds of the everyday. Performed with awareness and a sense of service, work gives time, space and context for the integration of what is discovered in study and meditation.

Devotional practices are essential for grounding, centring and opening the heart. These include ‘zikr’, or 'rememoration', a devotional practice using sound and movement.

Please note that these courses are full-time and require wholehearted commitment. There are no days off. The daily time table starts with meditation at 7am and most days continues until around 8.30 pm evening on the introductory courses and 10 or 10.30pm during the 40 day intensive.
A detailed timetable is available on request

The Chisholme kitchen provides food in keeping with the spiritual and material aims of its education. Chisholme is not vegetarian but meat is prepared with deep respect for its benefit and origin. All our meat (lamb or beef, no pork) and dairy is either locally sourced, organic, free range or all three. Meanwhile vegetarian (not necessarily vegan) dishes comprise the majority of the food served and are always available as an option. We are unable to cater for preferences or specialist diets, without a medical reason.

Accommodation is shared, usually in spacious single sex rooms of two or three beds. Sharing space in this way runs counter to many contemporary cultural norms and expectations but is an important element of the Chisholme experience. Single rooms may be requested in exceptional circumstances, depending on availability.

Free 7 week Online course

22 September to 3rd November
For more details and to book, please see Calendar
Other dates likely later this year. To express interest, please contact the secretary or on +44(0)7875 704422.

40 Day Intensive Retreat

1 October -10 November

£1600 all inclusive.
For more details and to book, email
Tel +44 (0)1450 880215

99-Day Intensive Retreat

This course, which takes Ibn 'Arabi's 'Wisdom of the Prophets' as its core text is intended as a follow-on to the 40-Day course. It is open to anyone who has participated in the latter retreat, or completed a previous Six-month Course/Two-year On-line Course or similar preparation.

Date: 25 November 2020 - 3 March 2021

Cost: £3000 all inclusive.
To find out more, please contact
Tel +44 (0)1450 880215

Combining both intensive courses into one

For details and cost please contact

Help with course fees:
As with all our courses it is possible to pay the course fees in instalments over an agreed period. However for the longer courses there is also a Scholarship Fund which can be applied to for help towards course fees.
For more information on grants and scholarship arrangements, please write to

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