Mindfulness and Self Discovery

Mindfulness JPG.png

"This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival..."

Read the poem by Rumi here

Mindfulness is an ancient practice handed down through all the world’s main wisdom traditions and now finding a contemporary form that suits this present era.

It is a way of being in our lives, of learning through direct and non-conceptual experience; of acknowledging and accepting our moment by moment experience, letting go of judging or wanting it to be different. It is a natural capacity already in us as human beings, but needs awakening to be known and lived.

It is the process of cultivating intentional, heartful awareness that can establish inner calm and stability. By being more present, we are more able to allow our precious life to unfold in its own way. This process helps us to see the workings of our mind with clarity, freeing us from habitual thinking patterns that keep us reliving what’s past or imagining the future. We can connect with the ever-present stillness even amidst turmoil, challenge and change.

The practice of mindful awareness has the potential to transform our sense of ‘self’ and perception of the world. It can help us appreciate more deeply the gift of being alive, of being our real self, unique, sincere and authentic.

The awareness of our body and how thoughts and emotions have an effect on our body is an essential part of the mindfulness education. Therefore meditation, sessions of qigong or gentle yoga and mindful walking to reconnect mind, heart and body and cultivate an awareness of our whole being are all part of the learning process.