Ibn 'Arabi Study Retreat: Prostration and Praise

Saturday, 5th August, 2017

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Course fees are kept to an absolute minimum – please, if you would like, add a donation towards our scholarship fund, which supports students and visitors on low income.

Servanthood as the ultimate affirmation of the unity of being.

In his Book of Theophanies, Ibn 'Arabi relates that he addressed the following words to al-Hallaj, when he met him in the intermediate world: “In my view, that [otherness] which you dismiss so lightly is the ultimate proof.”

This course, being a Beshara course, aims to explore that otherness, and the reasons that render the realization of that by which the Lord is distinguished from the servant as the highest level of discernment a human being may attain. To this end, the course will focus on the study of selected passages from the Word of Lot, the Word of Ezra and the Word of Jesus in the Fusus al-Hikam."

Course Facilitator: Avi Abadi

The Course
This is a residential retreat, starting on Saturday evening (7pm) and running until after lunch on the following Saturday (2pm). The timetable will incorporate meditation, study, conversation, devotional practice and practical work in the house, kitchen or garden, all in the spirit of service.

Chisholme House is set on a beautiful estate in the moors of the Scottish Borders, an hour and a half from Edinburgh, Newcastle and Carlisle. The main house looks out over glorious landscaped grounds, and woods of native trees encircle the estate.

Shared accommodation (double or triple bedroom) £325
Single room accommodation (when available £375)
This includes accommodation and all meals. A non-refundable deposit of £60 should be paid when booking. The balance can be paid once at Chisholme.

Subject to the agreement of the retreat facilitator and the availability of places, non-residents may be able attend this week for £180. This will include coffee, lunch and tea. Concessions may be possible, for example to anyone attending more than one week in 2017.

Note on course fees: There are no standard concessions offered. However, we try to ensure the course is accessible to those on low incomes. So if you would find the cost prohibitive please write to secretary@chisholme.org to enquire about reduced course fees or bursary possibilities.

50% reduced fees for participation in two or more week-long courses this year.
Courses at Chisholme are priced with understanding that they need to be in reach of those who will benefit from them while also covering costs. Despite the low suggested fee it is appreciated that for many the cost of attending more than one course in a year can be prohibitive.
To help enable you to join a second (or third!) course in a year the suggested fee for a second (and subsequent) week taken in any calendar year will be 50% of the full rate.
Reductions are available provided the full fee for the first course has been paid. The full deposit is still required to confirm a booking for second courses. Other conditions may apply.


The Chisholme kitchen provides food in keeping with the spiritual and material aims of its education. Chisholme is not vegetarian but meat is prepared with the deepest respect for its benefit and origin. Meanwhile vegetarian dishes comprise the majority of the food served and are always available as an option. We are unable to meet vegan requirements. However, special diets can be catered for where there is a medical reason. Please let us know your needs when you book your stay.

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Tel +44 (0)1450 880215

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