Dedicated to the art of self discovery

The most beautiful learning and the greatest is to know yourself
Clement of Alexandria (c.150–c.215)

The guiding principle at Chisholme is the essential Unity of all Existence. This wholly inclusive perspective is the basis of all great wisdom traditions and lies at the heart of everything that happens in the school.

The education at Chisholme is of particular relevance today, for those who are motivated by a strong desire to know themselves according to this one essential reality, and to be in service to this reality in themselves and in the world.

Chisholme is located on a beautiful 187-acre estate in the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders. It offers both the context and the support for retreat and self-discovery.

Visitors are welcome, but please email in advance of coming so you can be informed of current requirements. The paths and woodland areas of the Estate, and the monument and graves are open to visitors and walkers. Please observe social distancing.









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Thu 10th February 2022 19:00 to
Thu 24th March 2022 19:00

A seven-week online course combining theory and practice, group investigation and private contemplation


Thu 10th February 2022 19:00 to
Thu 24th March 2022 19:00

A seven-week immersion with the aid of meditation, contemplative conversation and embodied inquiry


Below is a short piece written by one of the students of the most recent 40-day course, which ended on the 10th November 2021. It is inspired by the journey they embarked on during those 40 days: the study that they encountered – from Einstein to Lao Tsu to Ibn' Arabi – as well as all the other elements of the course.