Dedicated to the art of self discovery

The most beautiful learning and the greatest is to know yourself
Clement of Alexandria (c.150–c.215)

The guiding principle at Chisholme is the essential Unity of all Existence. This wholly inclusive perspective is the basis of all the wisdom traditions and lies at the heart of everything that happens here.

This education is of particular relevance today, for those who are motivated by a strong desire to know themselves according to this One Essential Reality, and to be in service to this in themselves
and in the world.

Chisholme is located on a beautiful 187-acre estate in the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders. It offers both the context and the support for retreat and self-discovery.

Visitors are welcome, but please email in advance of your visit.
The paths and woodland areas of the Estate are always open to visitors and walkers.

News and an invitation


You are warmly invited to join an ongoing enquiry through conversation, study and practical work, throughout the coming spring and summer months. We trust that through sitting together and asking, in humility and selfless receptivity, whatever now needs to be known will be made known. Come and participate whenever you can, for a few days, a week or perhaps for longer. Read more...



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Sat 28th May 2022 09:00 to
Sat 4th June 2022 12:00

Join us for a series of Garden Weeks throughout the summer.
Further dates:
July 23–30
Aug 27–Sept 3


Last summer a group at Chisholme, including residents and some Directors, met in the old spruce plantation at Fat Hill, along with Ben Young, the former estate manager and a woodland expert. The intention was to reach an agreement on the next best step; whether and when the trees be clear felled, and to consider future plans for replanting.