Listed here is a selection of texts which might give a taste of the kind of things studied at Chisholme.

Ibn ‘Arabi – selected writing

Rumi – selected writing

Bulent Rauf – selected writing

Peter Young – selected writing

Meister Eckhart – selected sermons

Lao Tsu – selected writing

Niffari – writing from oneness

Introducing two Anatolian Saints:
– Osman Fazli;
– Ismail Hakki Bursevi
The meeting of Uftade and Hudai

Sara Hirtenstein: …some thoughts on the value of mindfulness

Peter Coates:
– Aspects of science, imagination and the mystical
– William James and Ibn 'Arabi

J G Bennett:
The Meaning of Hu

Hopi Elders – a message

Navajo Prayer – in beauty may I walk...

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