Resources Overview

Here is a selection of writings studied and contemplated at Chisholme

Ibn ‘Arabi – selected writing

Rumi – selected writing

Bulent Rauf – selected writing

Peter Young – selected writing

Meister Eckhart – selected sermons

Lao Tsu – selected writing

Niffari – writing from oneness

J G Bennett The meaning of Hu

Hopi Elders – A message

Navajo Prayer – In beauty may I walk

Peter Coates
Aspects of science, imagination and the mystical
William James and Ibn 'Arabi

Stories of Anatolian Saints
Osman Fazli
Ismail Hakki Bursevi
The meeting of Uftade and Hudai

Sara Hirtenstein – some thoughts on the value of mindfulness

Further Reading
The Beshara Magazine
An independent, non-profit online publication presenting ideas of unity and inclusion in all areas of contemporary thought, from science and spirituality to economics and the arts.