As a volunteer at Chisholme you are appreciated for who you are, not only for what you do.


Opportunities to volunteer vary depending on the time of year and current programme. Activities are many and diverse: you might be asked to help in the organic garden, work in the woodland, split and stack timber for our wood boiler, help prepare rooms for new guests, pick wild raspberries, prepare food in the kitchen and much more.

As a volunteer you are also invited to participate in meditation, study of wisdom texts and further approaches to self-knowledge. Most importantly, you will be living and working in a place that supports the discovery of your own potential. Chisholme is a school with the guiding principle of the unity of all being. Once glimpsed, this is a vision – or mystery – that can transform our understanding of ourselves and the world.

Financial contributions:
We may ask for a small contribution towards the basic cost of your stay.
Please contact us to discuss details. Write to secretary@chisholme.org

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Thu 16th February 2023 19:00 to
Sun 19th February 2023 14:30

An immersive three days at Chisholme, in conjunction with the Beshara Trust. 


Thu 23rd February 2023 09:00 to
Mon 27th February 2023 14:00

Further conversation and enquiry


Sat 4th March 2023 09:00 to
Sat 18th March 2023 16:00

Completing the circle – replanting Fathill East 2023


Thu 23rd March 2023 09:00 to
Mon 27th March 2023 14:00

Further conversation and enquiry


Tue 11th April 2023 09:00 to
Tue 18th April 2023 16:30

A series of regular garden afternoons and garden weeks are proposed this year.


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