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Study Week

Friday, 26th July, 2024 19:00 to
Saturday, 3rd August, 2024 14:00

An introduction


Foundations of Natural Intelligence

Friday, 9th August, 2024 19:00 to
Saturday, 17th August, 2024 14:00

Woodland Retreat


The Six-month Course of Intensive Esoteric Education

Tuesday, 1st October, 2024 19:00 to
Monday, 24th March, 2025 19:00

Winter 2024/25



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The Six-month Course of Intensive Esoteric Education

1 October 2024–24 March 2025


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Finding happiness and purpose in today’s world
A new course for young adults, which asks the big questions: Who am I? Why am I here?
A Beshara Trust Course

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