Poetics of Science: Global Human

Friday, 15th September, 2017 18:00
Sunday, 17th September, 2017 16:30


The compelling idea that inspired 'The Poetics of Science' seminars is inspiration itself. Inspiration is an inexhaustible source through which the human reality can be directly known, be it through the science of the physical universe explored as an object, or through the embodied discovery of the hidden, interior realm of the heart.

The Role of Imagination in Science
~ with Peter Coates

From the Big Bang to the Heat Death of the Universe
~ with Hannah Suzanne Dalgleish

Boundless Peace, Boundless War:
Possibilities for Peace in the Era of Temporally and Spatially Unfixed Conflict

~ with Eliza Cass

Beyond the Binary, Backups in the Quaternary
~ with Walt Holland

We Are All Still Imperialists:
Decolonising Technology, Cartography and Attitudes for the 21st Century

~ with Aliya Ryan

The Effect of Viral Videos and Images on Modern Youth Culture
~ Johnny Dupré

Global Time and Human Time: Conflict, Confusion or Harmony?
~ with Richard Gault

Tasting Between the Contraries -
a Conversation on the Origins of Human Identity

~ with Christopher Ryan

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"Perhaps it’s time to (re)read Jung." writes Gwendolen Dupré for The European Strategist, an internet publication and research circle.


A great and much-loved man has left us. Shane Wakil Jagger passed away on 14 June having lived at Chisholme for 34 years.