The Six-month Course of Esoteric Education

1 October 2024 – 24 March 2025


The world of nature today is undergoing unprecedented change, largely due to human activity, just as humanity itself is under threat from its own unwitting trajectory.

It is evident that the mind that has engineered these changes cannot restore balance and harmony without first changing itself. A different level of consciousness is necessary for real change, and this Course is designed exactly for this.

Throughout the Course we will explore mankind’s spiritual reality and purpose, and the qualities required for spiritual transformation, through studying what the greatest teachers have left to us as guidance. We will engage in practice and work that supports such a change in awareness, aligning ourselves willingly to our own essential reality.

At the forefront of the Course is the questioning of our own existence. Who are we really, and why are we here in the world? How can we best serve the world, and each other? And how can we serve best the emergence of a higher level of consciousness, founded in oneness, love and compassion?

The ground of our enquiry is the certainty that such change is not only possible but necessary, and that we ourselves can be the change. And that this change is not possible through our own efforts alone, in isolation from nature, each other and from the Source of all help and guidance.

There are no teachers on this Course other than the one essential Reality already present within each of us. There is however help and support on many levels from other lifelong students on the path of return. Students will be given tasks and responsibilities, not just to serve the everyday running of the school, but to learn from these responsibilities. Many transferable skills will be learned thereby, working with others, gardening and cooking, forestry and maintenance for example, so that we become adaptable to an unknown future.

For many this Course will be life changing, but there can be no guarantees. Each person is unique and their destiny is their own. All depends upon the love and willingness that each of us brings to bear, and upon the ever present help and guidance of the One and Only Being.

Peter Young
December 2023

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Sat 15th June 2024 09:00 to
Sat 22nd June 2024 14:00

More planting and harvesting


Sat 22nd June 2024 09:00 to
Sun 23rd June 2024 14:00

You are invited to a weekend of conversation at Chisholme


Sat 13th July 2024 19:00 to
Sat 20th July 2024 19:00

Summer harvesting


Fri 26th July 2024 19:00 to
Sat 3rd August 2024 14:00

An introduction


Fri 9th August 2024 19:00 to
Sat 17th August 2024 14:00

Woodland Retreat


Tue 1st October 2024 19:00 to
Mon 24th March 2025 19:00

Winter 2024/25