Chisholme is maintainted through love and generosity.

Countless selfless acts, such as time freely given, or donations small and large, enable the Institute to be owned by no-one and everyone.
It is not, and has never been dependent on any single donor or on funding from particular interest groups.
Chisholme is largely supported by course fees, covenants, legacies, one-off donations, and of course by the grace and goodwill of many, many volunteers.

Update on Funding

This year, most funds were directed toward maintaining Chisholme throughout the period of the pandemic, with its new requirements and safety protocols. This included preparing the house and garden for students attending the autumn and winter residential courses.

In addition, the refurbishment of the Summerhouse was successfully completed, as well as the first phase of improvements to the water supply (see Projects and General Funding below for more details).

With a greatly reduced team working under pandemic conditions this has been a remarkable achievement.

Much thanks and gratitude to all who helped and supported Chisholme in so many different ways!

Student Funding

Since the very first long retreat course at Chisholme in the winter of 1975, it has been acknowledged as an important principle that no-one who has a taste for and a wish to undertake the immersive courses here, should be unable to attend due to limited means. In these current times, where inequalities in opportunity are evident and amplified, this principle is particularly relevant.

Over the years, student support has come through gifts made specifically for this purpose, and also from general funds.

So this is a request to those who have benefitted from the courses or see their value. Please, if you can, continue to support this intention.

Many more can then benefit and be inspired to carry further this impulse of generosity and gratitude that springs from the same impulse as the courses themselves.

Please contact to donate by debit or credit card.
If you want to make a donation direct by bank transfer to the Student Fund account at Chisholme, please contact to let us know if Gift Aid can be claimed.

Here are the account details:
The Chisholme Institute Project Fund
Lloyds Bank
Sort code 30-94-92
Account 07311214

Please quote as reference 'Student Fund'

Penny Fund for Students

Account details for this have recently changed.
If you have a collection box in your possession or would like one, please contact so we can arrange for a new label for the box, with charity number and bank account details, to be sent to you.

For more on the Penny Fund, see here…

Projects and General Funding

With the aid of a large donation, the Summerhouse was completely renovated, modernised and refurbished. It is now available for holiday rental and the first guests were welcomed in October 2020. There has been strong interest and very positive feedback, even with Covid-related travel restrictions meaning that some bookings could not go ahead.
For details see the dedicated website
The surplus income from bookings will be applied to further refurbishment projects. So an all-round benefit both for guests and for the future of Chisholme.

Work on the Gate Lodge remains a longer term project requiring major investment (£50K plus) but some remedial work has been done to prevent deterioration.

In the Steading Cottage the kitchen has been given a complete overhaul.

Watersupply: We were approved a grant for up to £8K, for the modifications to our water supply. This meant that the water purification system in the Main House could be replaced, so that it now links to all the buildings at Chisholme. There will no longer be the need to carry drinking water to upstairs rooms in the house and to other accommodation on the estate. Further changes are intended, but phase one of the project is now complete and after inspection some of the grant funds will be released.

Corona Virus

What could have been a very critical situation has been mitigated thanks to £16.8K of funding from the Third Sector Resilience Fund administered through The Corra Foundation. This has been a lifeline for Chisholme.

The pandemic has underlined again the critical importance and value of the broad support base for Chisholme. It helps ensure its continuance as a place of opportunity and education and the catalyst for transformation that it can be.

Along with many organisations and individuals worldwide we face a challenging time. Thank you to everyone for the constancy of your support which contributes to keeping this place steady and operational. With help we can slowly build on this, gradually bringing income up to a fully sustainable level, alongside focusing on ways to reduce costs. If you are able to help by becoming a supporter or by continuing or increasing your donation, or in any other way please get in touch.

howtodonate.jpg Or please contact for more information.

If you are willing and able to help with funding or with fund-raising projects please contact:

Thank you!

Over the years, the Institute has been grateful for project grants from Historic Scotland, the Millenium Forest Project, and the Energy Saving Trust as well as ongoing support from
The Beshara Trust.




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