Chisholme is maintainted through love and generosity.

Countless selfless acts, such as time freely given, or donations small and large, enable the Institute to be owned by no-one and everyone.
It is not, and has never been dependent on any single donor or on funding from particular interest groups.
Chisholme is largely supported by course fees, covenants, legacies, one-off donations, and of course by the grace and goodwill of many, many volunteers.

Update on the 2018 Appeal

In 2018 we highlighted that there was a difference of some £20,000 each year between what needed to be funded and income received.

There was a wonderful response to the appeal at that time!

In that year £14K of donations were received immediately, along with an increase of £2K per year in ongoing committed regular donations.

Your donations contributed to:

  • Repair of the archway and roof into the Steading which was in danger of collapse.
  • The rebuilding of the porch to Lottie’s Cottage and roof repair.
  • Re-flooring and repairs to 2 bathrooms in the Main House and installation of a new walk-in shower.
  • Roof repairs to the Gate Lodge, Steading and Steading Cottage
  • New boiler installed in the Steading Cottage.
  • Carpeting in the Main House
  • New Cattle Grid

Funding for other projects

Summerhouse vacation retreats & cottages
There have been generous pledged and received donations for renovation of the cottages. Work has since progressed on the Summerhouse which will be let out as a holiday retreat. It will provide extra income that can in turn be applied to further refurbishment projects. There has been some delay due to additional remedial works. At the start of the pandemic, builders were diverted for essential NHS projects and the number of those working on site at one time is limited. Once completed there will be a special website for bookings - we’ll let you know when it’s live.
Work on the Gate Lodge remains a longer term project requiring major investment (£50K plus) but some remedial work has been done to prevent deterioration.
The Steading Cottage has had some basic repairs to the roof and an installation of a new boiler. The kitchen requires work which proceeds as funds and skills are available. The building is now in use as much needed staff accommodation.

Water supply
We have been approved a grant to undertake modifications to our water supply- The grant is for up to £8K. We are replacing the water purification system in the Main House and linking it to all the buildings at Chisholme. There will no longer be the need to carry drinking water from the house to other accommodation. There are other changes to be made but phase one of the project is underway.

Over the years, the Institute has been grateful for project grants from Historic Scotland, the Millenium Forest Project, and the Energy Saving Trust as well as ongoing support from
The Beshara Trust.

Corona Virus

With no courses, visitors and guests, what could have been a very critical situation has been mitigated thanks to £16.8K of funding from the Third Sector Resilience Fund administered through The Corra Foundation. The loss of income expected during the period March to June has been almost covered by this grant. This is a lifeline for Chisholme.

The pandemic has underlined again the critical importance and value of the broad support base for Chisholme. It helps ensure its continuance as a place of opportunity and education and the catalyst for transformation that it can be. Basic costs are now covered until July. There remains though a very real ongoing need for more renovations and repairs to the buildings, the facilities and the accommodation with a question about when general income will be restored.
The holiday rentals are not expected to be available or bookable during the coming summer.

So for this year or longer, we face at least an £18K potential shortfall to find.

Along with many organisations and individuals worldwide we face a challenging time. Thank you to everyone for the constancy of your support which contributes to keeping this place steady and operational. With help we can slowly build on this, gradually bringing income up to a fully sustainable level, alongside focusing on ways to reduce costs. If you are able to help by becoming a supporter or by continuing or increasing your donation, or in any other way please get in touch.

howtodonate.jpg Or please contact for more information.

If you are willing and able to help with funding or with fund-raising projects please contact:

Thank you!



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Update September: The Chisholme Estate is open to visitors to walk the paths and woodland areas and visit the monument and graves. It is also possible for volunteers to come during the day and work in the garden and on the estate. Current social distancing guidelines and hygiene practices must be followed. A small number of visitors can be accommodated. Please read on...