Silence and Study reading week: Jethro

Saturday, 2nd March, 2019 19:00
Saturday, 9th March, 2019 12:00

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Silence and Study week on the Wisdom of the Heart

A much-loved chapter from the Fusus al-hikam (Bezels of Wisdom) by Ibn ‘Arabi, the 'Chapter on Jethro' is sometimes read in preparation for the one-week wasifa retreat. While we have decided not to go ahead with that retreat on this occasion, it is still a suitable occasion for this chapter to be studied, and perhaps still with the sense of a preparation for retreat, in a broader and less specific sense.

This week offers a fresh approach to Fusus study weeks. The week will be held in silence (see below). There will be no single facilitator; the group will be self-facilitating, with a member of Chisholme staff present to begin and end the sessions.

Three meditation sessions will be held and there will be a work/rest period in the early afternoon each day. The course is open to anybody who has completed a six-month course or online course in the past.

Important: Please note that this course will be held under an order of silence. That is, other than during study and for necessary practical communication, silence will be maintained throughout the course until the final evening.

The course is fully residential and begins with supper (7pm) on Saturday evening and runs until the following Saturday lunchtime. To preserve the quality of the silence, we request that all participants stay on a residential basis.

The cost including accommodation and all meals is £400.

Note on course fees: There are no standard concessions offered because the fees have already been kept low. However, we do want the courses to be available for people on low incomes, so if the fee is a genuine difficulty for you then perhaps we can help.

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