The Twenty-Nine Pages: study and contemplation

Friday, 15th March, 2019 19:00
Sunday, 24th March, 2019 12:00

How to pay: We will write to arrange payment with you once we have confirmed your place on this course. Please let us know your preferred method of payment by ticking one of the choices below.
Course fees are kept to an absolute minimum – please, if you would like, add a donation towards our scholarship fund, which supports students and visitors on low income.

The Twenty-Nine Pages is a summary of some of the concepts used by Muhyiddin ibn ‘Arabi in his metaphysical system. Not only does this short book offer a rigorous introduction to key terms and concepts, however, but by studying this text under course conditions, complemented by awareness and meditation practices, work and zikr as well as other texts, it is possible for the ideas in the work to open up in us and meet their native image within our own consciousness, since they are a description of the human reality that is our very selves.

Aimed primarily for students who have completed a Forty-Day course or similar, this course is nine days long and will serve to revisit and consolidate what we have previously studied and to develop and deepen our condition further. It also provides a springboard for the 99-day course that we aim to offer in winter 2019-20.

Other people are welcome to apply to join the course as well; please contact us to discuss.

Accommodation: The course is fully residential and begins with supper on Friday 15 March. It ends at lunchtime on Sunday 24 March.

Cost: The fee for this course has been kept as low as possible at £350 including accommodation and all meals. If you are genuinely unable to afford this fee, however, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

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