One-year Online Course

Monday, 12th August, 2019 00:00
Thursday, 22nd August, 2019 00:00


Here is an invitation on to explore who you are, your very being and the nature of your relationship with others and the world.

The course is based on the most inclusive perspective – that of the unity of all existence: the One Reality expressed in the multiple forms in the universe. The Reality or Essence of all existence loves to be known.
Love is the underlying movement which seeks us out and invites us to know and experience the Beauty of Being. It is the birthright of humanity to come to know, it is innate in everyone.
This understanding is reflected throughout the content and structure of the course.

Course Details

  • The course starts with a 10-day residential retreat at Chisholme House, Scotland, UK
  • A further 7-day residential retreat in August 2020 at Chisholme House, Scotland, UK
  • Distance learning: home study and practice
  • Online tuition
  • Regular one-to-one skype-contact with the course facilitator
  • Online forum for group conversations
  • Opportunities for integration into your daily life

The perspective of unity is at the core of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions.
This course can be experienced as an education for the heart; the heart is the real 'organ of intelligence' that teaches us.
The online course will give you the tools to discover for yourself your own relationship with this truth. It will help you in a safe and fruitful way to gain a firm foundation in this understanding. Undertaking a course and journey like this will ask commitment from you, such as daily meditation and reading and contemplating study texts.

Components of the course:

  • Study texts draw on the works of masters from different wisdom traditions, primarily Ibn 'Arabi, Rumi and Lao Tsu. Study material is also taken from more contemporary sources – for example Einstein and Adyashanti.
  • Info about the study see here...
  • Guided mindfulness meditation and silent meditation.
  • Mindfulness practices that give tools to apply awareness to your everyday life.
  • Contemplative practice; for more info see here...
  • Regular course assignments.

The programme combines two residential retreats along with home study modules.
The retreats allow you ‘space' away from normal distractions.
They offer time to explore and discuss the study material together with your fellow students.
The face-to-face encounter with the other students and with the course facilitators is very helpful. People can bond and become a group working together, supporting each other on this journey.

The retreats provide an in-depth introduction to meditation and spiritual practice, along with projects undertaken as a group.

There are six home study modules, between four and six-weeks long (with a one or two week break in between). Each week you will be given a series of short readings. In the light of these readings you will be asked to contemplate some questions within the context of your own life.

You will also be asked to engage in mindfulness practice.

At the end of each module you will complete a short paper on a topic related to that module.

There is an online forum where you can discuss these questions and the essay topics with your fellow students.

You also will have regular telephone or Skype interviews with one of the course facilitators.

Course Director: Marijke Kretzers

Start Date for next course: August 12th, 2019.

Paying for your course
Chisholme is an educational charity. We want our courses to be accessible to everyone who may benefit, regardless of their financial circumstances. In most cases we offer a tiered pricing policy which encourages donations to the student bursary and loan fund from those who would like to help others - making it possible to offer supported places for those with less resources.

Supporter’s rate: In addition to paying for your course, you are helping others to come here by making a contribution to our bursary fund.

Standard rate: This covers the basic cost of your course and your stay. Please pay this rate if possible.

Supported rate: This includes a partial bursary, and is for anyone who feels they cannot afford the standard rate. If you are genuinely unable to afford this, then please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Please choose the rate most appropriate to you when booking the course.

Payment by installments is possible for all above rates. If you wish to apply for installments, please discuss this at the time of booking.

Cost of this course:
Supporter's rate £1200
Standard rate £1100
Supported rate £990

If you wish to book this course, or to find out more, please write to



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