Mindfulness and Self Discovery 8-Day Retreat Course

Friday, 8th May, 2020 18:00
Saturday, 16th May, 2020 14:00


"This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival..."

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Mindfulness is a way of being in our lives, of learning through direct and non-conceptual experience; of acknowledging and accepting our moment by moment experience, letting go of judging or wanting it to be different. It is a natural capacity already in us as human beings, but needs awakening to be known and lived.

Mindfulness is the process of cultivating intentional, heartful awareness that can establish inner calm and stability. By being more present, we are more able to allow our precious life to unfold in its own way. This process helps us to see the workings of our mind with clarity, freeing us from habitual thinking patterns that keep us reliving what’s past or imagining the future. We can connect with the ever-present stillness even amidst turmoil, challenge and change.

The practice of mindful awareness has the potential to transform our sense of ‘self’ and perception of the world. It can help us appreciate more deeply the gift of being alive, of being our real self, unique, sincere and authentic.

The course offers a thorough foundation in the practice of Mindfulness using the Oxford Mindfulness Centre’s contemporary and universal Mindfulness for Life course. This is a gentle, non-striving way of learning how we can bring awareness into all areas of our life, while cultivating attitudes such as kindness, compassion and care, non-judgment and generosity towards ourselves and to all of life.

The awareness of our body and how thoughts and emotions have an effect on our body is an essential part of the mindfulness education. Therefore the Retreat includes daily meditation, sessions of qigong or gentle yoga and mindful walking to reconnect mind, heart and body and cultivate an awareness of our whole being.

Mindfulness is an ancient practice handed down through all the world’s main wisdom traditions and now finding a contemporary form that suits this present era. To learn from these great traditions the course devotes daily sessions to contemplative exploration of texts both ancient and modern. We shall be exploring how mindful awareness is innately present in them all, offering insight into the essential reality of the ‘self’ and the wholeness of all life.

Retreat has the great benefit of providing a space for stepping away from the demands, distractions and busyness of daily life, a period of focus and letting go, nourishing all aspects of our being. The remote and peaceful setting of Chisholme House settled within the wild Border hills and moors serves to deepen our awareness of the beauty of nature and highlights our need to appreciate and care for the world.

Who this course is for:

  • If you wish to learn Mindfulness following the structure, principles and practice of the 8-week course in a spacious retreat setting of 8 days instead of weekly classes
  • If you have already completed an 8-week course or similar training and wish to refresh and deepen your understanding and practice of mindfulness
  • If you would enjoy exploring texts from wisdom traditions that further inform our journey into self discovery

Optional 7 weeks of embedding what has been learned with practice at home
Following the Course, participants are invited to continue their journey of learning by participating in a daily practice over the next 7 weeks, supported by the Mindfulness for Life Handbook, handouts and the facilitators (online [Zoom or Skype]/email/phone). This is especially encouraged for participants new to Mindfulness, but everyone can benefit. There will be an additional cost of £30.

Start and End days & times

Date: 8-16 May, 2020

Arrival between 4-6pm on Friday 8th May with Course Orientation & Introduction after supper
The first session starts Saturday 9th May after breakfast.
The last session ends Saturday 16th May at 4pm with tea.
Participants can choose to depart after tea or welcome to stay overnight if preferred (at an additional cost).

Cost: £400
As we wish to make the benefits of mindful awareness and self discovery accessible, generous concessions are available upon request for those on low income and/or payment in instalments.

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For an Application Form and more details please email A deposit of £50 to be paid after your application is received and when your booking is confirmed.

Sara Hirtenstein & Marijke van Basten Batenburg-Kretzers

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