Six Week On-line Course: Discovering Unity

Tuesday, 12th May, 2020 19:30
Tuesday, 16th June, 2020 00:00


Discovering Unity

An opportunity for knowing ourselves during the time of ‘lockdown’.

People have often commented that the effect of the coronavirus outbreak has been to show us our humanity. Apart from the hardship, fear and suffering it is causing (or because of these), there have been countless ‘outbreaks’ of human qualities of kindness, helpfulness, compassion and service. The fact that many of us have been forced out of our habitual lives by the lockdown has served to focus us on these things.

So this seems an auspicious time for us to perhaps examine our humanity a little more intimately and deeply – and more broadly.

We would like to invite you to join a six-week online course in this very matter:

What is it to be human? And, inseparable from this, what is real? What is the reality of our being?

Not that there is an official answer to these: it is our life’s work, each of us, to know these things for ourselves. The course is titled ‘Discovering Unity’ because it begins with the premise that reality is a unity – a single consciousness, a unified perspective – that both illuminates and is ourselves and the world.

Normally offered face to face as a residential course, we have adapted the course to a series of online modules using the Zoom video-conferencing platform.

One 2-hour session (with a short half-time break) will be held each week, to include study of wisdom texts, conversation and supporting practices including Qigong and mindfulness. These sessions are supplemented by personal study and practices.

Places are limited to ten people, so please don’t delay if you are interested in joining the course.


  • One weekly session: Starts Tuesday 12 May and ends Tuesday 16th June. Provisionally the time is set for sessions to start at 19.30 BST, but this can be changed to accommodate students from different time zones.
  • Free of Charge: There is no fee for the course but donations to the Chisholme Institute are welcomed.

If this course is fully subscribed there will be other opportunities. Please register your interest.

Facilitators: Robin Thomson and Marijke Kretzers

For further information or to register, contact Robin via or on +44(0)7875 704422.



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