Volunteer Event

Saturday, 31st July, 2021 12:00
Saturday, 21st August, 2021 00:00


As a volunteer at Chisholme you are appreciated for who you are, not only for what you do

August is a beautiful time to be in the Scottish Borders and there is much to enjoy, and also much to do.
We will need your help to set up the yurt village in the woods for a course later this month, or to join others in the organic garden, kitchen or house.
You will be living and working in a place dedicated to supporting the discovery of your own potential.

Due to covid regulations, this is planned as a three week event which includes a period of quarantine.

For now, the intention is to start with 3 days of quarantine, free of charge, and a covid test.
This will be followed by either two and a half, or one and a half weeks of volunteering

Financial contribution

3 week event (including quarantine) is £200, or £140 (students/unwaged)
2 week event (including quarantine) is £120 or £80 (students/unwaged)

Chisholme is a school
The guiding principle of the education is the essential Unity of all Existence.
This is a wholly inclusive perspective, not limited by dogma or religious considerations. You can read more about it here.

So in addition to working with your hands you are invited to take part in ongoing conversation and study, meditation and other activities, to give space for yourself and your own questions.
You will also enjoy great food, good company and the chance to explore the beautiful countryside around Chisholme.

The hope is that you will leave with more than you came: new friends, new skills (such as gardening or cooking) and perhaps a new understanding of yourself.

The quarantine period
To keep you and everyone else at Chisholme safe, we are asking you to quarantine for a period, free of charge, followed by a covid test. You will be fully supported throughout this; there'll be number of activities available in the garden and woodland and three meals a day provided.
Social-distancing will be an essential requirement for this time. This is for the protection of those already living here and for yourself, as there will be others in quarantine with you.

After quarantine in single rooms the accommodation is shared, in double, triple or dormitory style rooms.

Arrival Times:
July 31: Quarantine and two and a half weeks of volunteering
August 7: Quarantine and one and a half weeks of volunteering
End date: Saturday, 21 August

To book

Please complete online application form here.
For any queries please contact
Tel +44 (0)1450 880 215

Financial contribution
3 week event is £200, or £140 (students/unwaged)
2 week event is £120 or £80 (students/unwaged)

Places are limited.
To secure your place, please either pay the full amount or a deposit of £50 as soon as Chisholme has been able to confirm your place.

The initial quarantine period is free of charge because we are asking you to serve that time for us. You are only paying for the time out of quarantine. Please pay the full course fee (two or three week event) at least one week before arrival.

Volunteer weeks are subsidized. Your contribution goes towards the basic costs of your stay which includes accommodation, all your food, tea and coffee, your laundry, and instruction in new skills. Additional funding comes from our Volunteer Fund. If you are unable to pay or cannot pay the whole amount, then please do not hesitate to write to to discuss your circumstances.

Volunteers are a vital part of life at Chisholme. The School could not have been built, nor maintained over the last forty years, without the support of many dedicated volunteers

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