Living in Mindful Awareness:
A weekend exploring Beginner's Mind

Saturday, 22nd April, 2023 09:00
Sunday, 23rd April, 2023 16:30


A weekend at Chisholme exploring our experience with what is known as Beginner’s Mind, a quality of mind and heart that we can intentionally cultivate, an attitude and approach integral to the practice of mindful awareness.
Can we experience all aspects of our life freshly, as if meeting them for the very first time? What if we could experience everything as it actually is, just as it presents itself, letting go of thinking or believing that we know? Each moment newly arriving with an invitation to be discovered and known for what it really is.

This being human is a guest house
Every moment a new arrival…


During the weekend we can explore our internal environment afresh - not only when we sit in meditation. Throughout, we will invite an embodied awareness, becoming more familiar with and friendly towards our own physicality, in both stillness and movement, whether walking or involved in the activities of daily life.

We will have periods of walking outside, as mindful walking but also silently walking together through the woods and moorland of the Chisholme Estate and surrounding countryside, opening all our senses to being present in nature – to what nature shows us of itself, and perhaps in turn discover a connection to our own essential nature.

Within this inquiry we can invite a caring and interested attention, choosing to engage and really notice, savouring life as it unfolds through the weekend, whether eating, walking, meditating, or gardening - in all our activities, speaking and listening… whatever we’re engaged upon. The richness of life both within and without is present and offered for us to discover and share together!

Facilitated by Sara Hirtenstein and Marijke Kretzers-van Basten Batenburg
Trained & experienced mindfulness facilitators

Pay what you can
Suggested amounts:
Residential: two days & two nights (Friday 21 arrive by 6pm – Sunday 23, 4.30pm) £120–£140
Commuting: two days (Saturday 9am – 6pm, Sunday 9am–4.30pm) £35–£50 each day
Commuting: one day (Saturday only 9am – 6pm or staying for supper at 7pm) £35–£50

You are encouraged to join for the whole weekend. The one-day option is offered if attending both days is not feasible for you.

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