The Six-month Course of Intensive Esoteric Education

Tuesday, 1st October, 2024 19:00
Monday, 24th March, 2025 19:00


A COURSE for the establishment of an in-depth understanding of who we are in the light of the unity of all existence.

The approach involves knowledge and practice and aims for a vision and taste that can inform the rest of our lives.

The course is rooted in four connected aspects: study, work, meditation and devotional practice forming an integrated whole.

The course is group-based which allows for conversation and reflection, and is residential and full-time.

Previous study within the context of the unity of being is strongly recommended. If possible, a prior visit to Chisholme will help you get a sense of how this course might meet your needs.

The beautiful, quiet location of Chisholme offers a strong support and deeply nurturing environment for this kind of enquiry.

The fee for the course is £5,250 which covers food, accommodation and course materials for the full six months.

The Chisholme Institute is committed to providing affordable courses for all who wish to engage in them. Acknowledging the growing divide in economic circumstances today, between those for whom the course fee is easily affordable and those for whom it would be more difficult, we can offer some payment options – paying by instalments for example or payment over an agreed time.

Bursaries may be available for qualifying students.
To request an Application Form please email admissions@chisholme.org

Please read a synopsis of the course here

Read more about the education at Chisholme here

Note: Due to visa restrictions for students outside the UK the course dates have been adjusted to allow for travel to and from Chisholme within the 6-month period.

IMAGE: a marquetry panel made by David Apthorp



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The Six-month Course of Intensive Esoteric Education

1 October 2024–24 March 2025


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