Forestry Fortnight

Saturday, 2nd March, 2024 19:00
Saturday, 16th March, 2024 19:00


Tree Planting and Estate Work

A warm welcome as we enter into a new year here at Chisholme House.

This coming year we have many beautiful opportunities to gather together, one of which beginning early March is this year’s Forestry Fortnight.

Last year saw an incredible turnout, in which over 6500 trees were planted, completing the circle of woodland that surrounds the estate initially started over a decade ago. The generosity of all involved in those two weeks is tangible still now on Fathill and many thanks to all involved in enabling that to happen.

Since then the trees have taken root, and our gaze has moved into the interior of the estate, to the last two woodlands initially blown down and consequently felled after storm Arwen. The 2000 trees we will be planting this year will be helping to transform these areas, complementing the already trodden paths and view points to create balanced environments. There will also be a view to include agro forestry techniques, blending the boundaries between newly formed outside communal spaces and sustainable woodland.

As well as the planting of trees this year, there will also be maintenance required in other areas of the House and Estate, like tending to the other woodlands at different stages of development and helping to prepare the shared meals each day. We also hope to find time for some preparatory work in the Kitchen Garden.

The task this year

There are two areas of woodland being replanted this year. One is Garden Plantation, above the yurt village and on the right of the pasture as you look up from the house. The other area is the ridge between the lake and the back drive to Park Hill.

Both areas are in easy walking distance of the house, steading and cottages so have an added amenity value. We’ll include a series of paths through the woods. We will also include clearings and woodland edges to encourage the natural flora, both shrubby species and wildflowers, which will in turn attract wildlife.

We’ll be planting 2000+ broad leaved trees – a good range of native species, on around 2 hectares – oak, birch, alder, rowan, aspen, elm and wild cherry as well as more shrubby species – hazel, hawthorn, yew and holly. We’ll also include some fruit trees, soft fruit and nut trees.

We will be planting the young trees by hand, staking and tying and protecting them with forestry shelters.

You are invited to come for part or all of the Forestry Fortnight. The cost of your stay will be covered by the Chisholme Institute and includes full board and accomodation.
For more information and to book, please email Peter Harbottle at or give us a call directly on +44 (0)1450 880 215.

Donate a Tree
The planting of trees on the estate has only been possible, over the years, through the generous donation of people’s time and energy. If you are unable to join the planting project in person this Spring, you can still help by ‘sponsoring a tree’ at a cost of £3.00 per tree which just covers the cost of the tree seedling, stake and shelter.
Donate by PayPal or Debit/Credit card here, where you can also read about the history of forestry on the Chisholme Estate.



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