Study Weekend

Friday, 24th May, 2024 19:00
Monday, 27th May, 2024 14:00



This residential weekend course provides an introduction to the education offered at Chisholme – an education in self-knowledge wholly dedicated to understanding that all existence is essentially one.

The weekend engages the whole person and is rooted in the same study, work, meditation and devotional practice that is Chisholme’s fertile ground.

Selected texts from the major wisdom traditions are presented for study.
Meditation and the cultivation of awareness is part of the daily programme.
Work in the kitchen, house, garden and estate provides a practical way of being of service.
Devotional practices help us cultivate the quality of the heart.

These four aspects form an integrated whole. The course is group-based which allows for conversation and reflection.

The course runs from supper time on Friday evening through to lunch on Monday (bank holiday).

The cost for the weekend is £150 with a deposit of £50 due once your participation is confirmed. Please contact Chisholme for payment terms and options.

For more information and to apply please email secretary@chisholme.org or call us on +44 (0)1450 880 215

Note: Those volunteering for the Garden Week (18–25 May) may wish to stay on for this weekend course.



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