Beshara Trust
A unifying perspective in a contemporary world
BESHARA is a name for the perspective that there is only one, unique existence, expressing itself infinitely as a gift of love. The potential to realise this truth lies within every human heart. The awakening of this potential is the aim of the education at Beshara.

Beshara Magazine
The Beshara Magazine is an independent, non-profit publication presenting ideas of unity and inclusion in all areas of contemporary thought, from science and spirituality to economics and the arts.

Beshara Publications
An independent publisher offering books on the unity of existence: whether they were written in the year 1200 or in 2017, these books focus on the essential, and throw light on what it really means to be human, now.

Ibn 'Arabi Society
It was founded in 1977 to promote a greater understanding of the work of Ibn 'Arabi and his followers. It is an international association with its headquarters in Oxford England and a branch in Berkeley California, and funded by the subscriptions of its members.

Chalice Verlag
Chalice Verlag is a publishing house based in Xanten, Germany. It publishes German editions of Reshad Feild’s titles as well as carefully selected books from different spiritual traditions.

Anqa Publishing
An independent publisher based in the UK, specialising in the writings of one of the greatest Islamic mystics, Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabi, and his school. These writings contain some of the most beautiful and comprehensive depictions of the vision of One Reality in all its facets.

Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh
A place open to all who want to develop their spiritual, psychological and creative life.