An Esoteric Exposition of Finance

In the Financial Times of 20/8/86 an article on Foreign Exchange reads as follows: “Totting up turnover figures for the three largest centres alone and multiplying by the business days of the year produces a feeling akin to an individual soul contemplating the universe” expresses in part a very profound reality that extends towards an infinity shortcircuited by time and count of years into future. Mankind has to live an intensive life of awareness in a holistic vision of a triple based world-‘cosmology’ of progress only interpreted by three ‘dimensions’ which makes of the impression brought about by the quote an almost accurate partial picture of human progress and life.

However, one stays at the word “akin”; this may be because Finance, in reality, is only one aspect of Truth. The three that compose the “Individual soul” of to-day and tomorrow, which is the expression in relative effect of a single universal soul, is a triad of aspects that appear as the three major aspects that rule our present age.

After Finance, the other two, although of equal gravity and scope, are one, the Scientific Soul “contemplating the Universe” and the other, the Spiritual Soul “contemplating the Universe”. The three contemplatives form the necessary triad of Truth as represented by and in the Universe. Both these latter ones, the scientific and spiritual, are equally essential because the three contemplatives together are the Universe of today which they create and expose.

Without the above mentioned three together there is no total expression, as none of the three exists in relative state without the other. However they are each built upon the same existing bed-rock of life and it is only through the consideration of Life that matter can exist at all to form the basis of scientific exposition of how ‘things’ act and react in Truth, just as it is through life that Finance, Economy and Business find possible expression in human existence.

Bulent Rauf