The essential is not to falter from one's own essence which is the Essence.

That is done by permanent, concentrated, unmitigated belief: that the above premise is the only truth, and that all that is, essentially originates from that very same source. All the rest is paraphernalia. 'I feel this', 'I feel that' 'I have done right', 'I have done wrong' and all such, are nothing but sheer tests of the strength of your belief. But belief must be verified, reasoned and intuited belief and conviction, not 'faith' belief or accommodation belief or belief of circumstance or because it 'seems' reasonable. It is certainly not valid, albeit sincere.

When all this is true then the tests are borne in ease, knowing well that the essential being is ever untouched by accident or fault, nor ever is it in default. Then the tests pass over one and leave no mark or scar.

A lover has to know for certain that the love is returned for love, and not for any other consideration - riches, help, comfort or bargain…

by Bulent Rauf, written for the Beshara School