There is no angel so sublime...

You haven’t dared yet lose faith
– so how can faith grow in you?
You haven’t dared yet risk your heart
– so what can you see of reality?
You’re obsessed – still! – with the carnal screams of your life.
How do you hope to step into the Mystery of the King?

You are a sea of gnosis hidden in a drop of dew,
You are a whole universe hidden in a sack of blood.
What are all this world’s pleasures and joys
That you keep grasping at them to make you alive?
Does the sun borrow light from a mote of dust?
Does Venus look for wine from a cracked jug?

There is no angel so sublime, He whispered,
Who can be granted for one moment
What is granted you forever.
And I hung my head, astounded.

Light upon Light: Inspirations from Rumi, by Andrew Harvey