Selected Feedback from participants

I feel the practices taught in the course help deal with the current situation we are in. The mindfulness and meditation practices I feel make us aware of what we are thinking, how we are feeling, etc and learning to stay present in moment.

It was a beautiful experience to connect with people from different places with different cultural codes and I found it wonderful that people are wanting to receive these teachings and find a more spiritual way than currently exists in many particularly western cultures. I never looked forward very much to the zoom meetings but always felt so much better for the richness of the experience of connecting and hearing from others. I appreciated the encouragement to speak and that everyone was heard.

The course material was engaging and it was nice to have a mix of readings with poetry and prose text.

“My expectations have been more than met. As for benefits, I feel the course has acted as a bridge between the potentially transcendent aspects of meditative life, and the more mundane work of reading description and pointers. Reading poems and pointers from the text has proved highly soothing and encouraging for me, and the direct discussion of “enlightenment” made the undertaking seem more realistic.
I also enjoyed the sense of fellowship it offered.”

I loved the course materials, read and reread each instalment with great interest. The inset quotations from various original sources added great value to the course. I was also pleased about how the materials related clearly to the contemplations and discussions.”

All the elements of the course have been beneficial in that they have given a tangible appreciation of the unity of being and that there is only the real and knowledge of ourselves is ultimately the relationship of the real with itself.’

...I feel full of gratitude to have found people and an organised guiding light that feels familiar and somehow home to me.”