Selected Feedback from participants

“My expectations have been more than met. As for benefits, I feel the course has acted as a bridge between the potentially transcendent aspects of meditative life, and the more mundane work of reading description and pointers. Reading poems and pointers from the text has proved highly soothing and encouraging for me, and the direct discussion of “enlightenment” made the undertaking seem more realistic.
I also enjoyed the sense of fellowship it offered.”

“I enjoyed the free-flowing nature of the online interaction, and the fact that the facilitator wasn’t merely working from script, but reacting to what was arising in the moment, pulling in examples from his own experience, and at times producing profound moments of improvisation.”

“I loved the course materials, read and reread each instalment with great interest. The inset quotations from various original sources added great value to the course. I was also pleased about how the materials related clearly to the contemplations and discussions.”

“All the elements of the course have been beneficial in that they have given a tangible appreciation of the unity of being and that there is only the real and knowledge of ourselves is ultimately the relationship of the real with itself.’

“The training in surrender that has been given to me through the mindfulness practice feels to be particularly relevant at this time. Although I am aware that this need is ALWAYS present, for this time of great and wide uncertainty an ability to remain open and flexible feels like an important thing to hold in awareness constantly! It is also always such a good reminder to enter into an intimate space with people from different places and walks of life- to see how very similar we are at our centers.”

"Our guides provided different voices, different energy, different focus and it was done beautifully: they provided a safe and dynamic environment.”

"It has helped me focus my attention & awareness on the love & beauty of existence while acknowledging the harm that is part of human condition when separateness exists.
...I feel full of gratitude to have found people and an organised guiding light that feels familiar and somehow home to me.”

“I came in with an open mind (and maybe fixed ideas!). I wanted to explore and see what emerged. In that sense it met my expectations however, what I thought I would gain and what I gained were different things. I thought it would energise me, yet what it bought into clarity was the weariness I felt and the real appreciation of the burdens (work related) that I was carrying. It was the full awareness of these that enabled me to make changes to my working life to create more space and time which has been a huge benefit. I didn’t get what I expected - however, I did receive what I needed for this part of my journey – something which was more valuable than I could have imagined – a meeting with myself. The self I had been trying to ignore for many years and who was glad to see me despite my ignoring it for so long.”