What's it like to volunteer at Chisholme?

Lindsey, film-maker and volunteer
"So, after two days of sleepless misfortune in a foreign country, I finally arrived at my destination: The Beshara School at the Chisholme Institute, Scotland..."
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Oliver, volunteer
"Volunteering at Chisholme was a joyous and centering experience; what a pleasure to spend a week living, working and studying with these open-hearted and authentic people in such a beautiful natural setting, teeming with wildlife. I look forward to returning as soon as I can!"

Georgie, volunteer
“Chisholme is an amazing place to volunteer… You can learn great new skills and really feel appreciated for who you are and what you do. It’s a place of self discovery, and this comes through every day, in every part of its working – whatever aspect you are involved in.”


Margaret, a former garden manager
"As a member of ‘WWOOF’ (Willing Worker On an Organic Farm), I had experienced many different places, both in Scotland and in New Zealand, but I was immediately aware that I was in a very special place on entering the Chisholme for the first time. Initially, I was in awe of the splendour of the dining room and the large numbers of people assembling at the massive yew dining table. This was quite different from the usual wwoof environment! Over my first three-week stay I gradually became aware of another major difference – the folk seemed to be genuinely attempting to be non-judgmental and caring about others. I returned again and again, and eventually took part in a nine-day course, during which I understood more about the place. Eventually, I found myself taking on the management of the garden. It was scary – so much work and vast amounts of vegetables to supply the kitchen with. But I soon discovered that once a commitment is made, help really does shower down upon you in huge amounts. Is not life wonderful?"

Walt, Garden Manager
"As with most places, the wwoofing year at Chisholme is dictated by the seasons, and by the requirements of the courses which go on here. When I first arrived, I was merely joining the dots on a wwoofing-based cycle tour. I knew nothing about esoteric education, and my spiritual development had been restricted to a minor interest in Buddhism. This community proved welcoming, provoking and a continual challenge to the 'ego' throughout my stay, which rapidly extended to the whole of the winter. The garden is run primarily as a teaching environment, and we all learn and profit from our involvement in both it, and the general estate. Once here, you'll find yourself involved in almost anything, as there is a massive capacity for the place to receive as much as you can throw at it!"



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