Courses at Chisholme

Chisholme is here to help you explore your questions about life, about meaning and existence.

All the courses are dedicated to exploring the essential unity of all existence, the true nature of the self, and how our understanding of this informs how we are in the world. The Chisholme estate offers a strong support and beautiful context for this kind of enquiry.

Discovering Unity weekends

Reconnect and realign: enquire into what unity means from and for your own self. These weekends offer study, group conversation, meditation and mindful work.

See Calendar for course dates

Week-long courses

Self knowledge is a process of uncovering, realising, and awakening to what is innate in all of us. This is a journey of enquiry for anyone who questions their reality, their place and purpose in this life. As each person is unique, so each course comprises different ingredients, and no two courses are ever the same.

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Woodland Retreats

Foundations of Natural Intelligence
Seven days of self-discovery through guided retreat, living close to nature and free from phones, internet and electricity.

Course Date for 2019:
24th to 31st August

Volunteer Weeks

Experience the joy of living and working in a place dedicated to supporting your discovery of your own potential.

Volunteer weeks happen most months during the summer – see Calendar for dates

Mindfulness course

The practice of mindful awareness has the potential to transform our sense of ‘self’ and perception of the world; to discover and appreciate the gift of being alive, of being human. More information see here...

For course dates see calendar

Longer courses

Discovering Unity Forty Day Intensive Retreat
Who are you really? How can you really know what it means to be human? This fully immersive forty-day retreat allows you the chance to uncover answers to the universal questions that existence poses. It will be an exploration of your self, of your very being, and of the nature of your relationships with others and the world.
Each day includes time for study, work, meditation and devotional practice.

Date for 2019: October 14th to November 22nd

It is hoped that a follow-on course of 99 days will be offered in the winter of 2019/20. It will be open to anyone who has participated in the 40-Day Retreat or completed a previous Six-month Course/Two-year On-line Course or similar preparation.

Discovering Unity in Awareness: Homestudy course, with online support
Home-based learning and practice combined with residential retreats and on-line support, tutorials, one to one Skype interviews and much more.

The next Online course will start on September 7th, 2019



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I'm struggling to find the words to describe how amazing and life changing the Woodland Retreat has been for me. Quite possibly the most seminal week of my life with lots of fun, laughter, friendship, beauty and good food thrown in. Go. Seriously, you owe it to yourself to go do it...
(Sue L. course participant 2017)

On Christmas Eve 1968 the first picture ever of our whole planet from ‘outside’ was taken. It has become one of the most powerful symbols of our age.