…when you start to see things more clearly, everything changes. There is a rediscovery of your dignity as a person – sheer light, clarity, love, presence, and all those things – and there is the potential in a course like this, to find this for yourself.
Aaron Cass, Course Director, Winter 2015-16

Students talk about their experience...

  • The course was about becoming more of what I really am…

  • I had this really clear sense of being told to just rise, rise to the beauty…. That is advice that will stay with me wherever I go.

  • The course stretches the boundaries so much – to realize that you are, and because you are, there is everything…

  • I take myself less seriously now, and it came with a feeling that I can do anything...

  • Study untangled my small world.

  • The way the whole place is set up, it steers you in the direction to trust yourself. It’s about becoming who I really am, so it’s not really a changing, more unveiling of different aspects of myself – like chipping off the mud here and there…

  • I approach life more from the present. I don’t have the anxiety I once had.

  • Chisholme provides opportunities so special they can’t be put into words.

It used to be I thought this, I thought that,
I want this, I want that.
So much time spent walking here and there
I was fixed in my thinking.

Extract from a poem by Carol Banks, March 2016; see here for complete poem


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