Discovering Unity Forty Day Intensive

Friday, 1st October, 2021 19:00
Wednesday, 10th November, 2021 20:00


The courses have the sole purpose of creating the conditions for real self-knowledge in the light of the unity of being.

To this end our approach is experiential rather than academic, and aims to establish us in a vision and taste that can inform the rest of our lives.

The raw material of the courses and their subject matter is us. The premise of unity – that all being is One – is the starting point and constant reference, and what will inform us in fact is our own inner reality. The design of the courses and their contents are intended solely to stimulate and nourish this process.

Chisholme House and the beautiful estate provide a supportive environment for a journey of self-discovery in the company of fellow students and the facilitators who will assist you.

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For any questions, please write to the

Cost of Course:

Help with course fees:
By prior arrangement, it is possible to pay the course fees in instalments over a period of time.
There is also a scholarship fund which might be able to give some help towards course fees. We try to ensure that the education offered at Chisholme is accessible to all who would benefit from it. So if you find the cost prohibitive please write to For any questions, please write to the to enquire about reduced or deferred course fees.

Re-imbursments: If a retreat is cancelled your deposit will be refunded in full. Confirmation that the course is running will be sent to you very shortly after the closing date for applications. If you have to leave the course early, re-imbursement of part of your course fees might apply. Details are explained when you apply for the course.

Please write toFor any questions, please write to the if you are interested.

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