Deepening Unity: 7 week Online Course

Thursday, 11th February, 2021 19:00
Thursday, 25th March, 2021 19:00


7 weeks: Thursday 11 February – 25 March 2020

The group meets once a week on a Thursday evening from 7pm – 9pm (UK time) using the Zoom platform.

The Discovering Unity courses explore the commonality of the Oneness of Being that is inherent to the experience of being human. The Deepening Unity courses build on this very practical orientation through meditation, contemplative conversation and embodied inquiry, offering the immersion in a seven-week period where we are encouraged to be attentive to the loving resonance of Being which is inclusive of whatever surfaces in our daily lives. Included in this depth inquiry is the natural question of how might this attending to what is actually present, be sustained and known.

It is suggested that anyone attending this course has first completed a Discovering Unity course. Various resources including written and image-based material will be available to support your explorations during the course. The group will be a maximum of 10 people.

Cost: £50
Participants are invited to give the £50 to support the work of the Chisholme Institute. You can give more or less than this sum, dependent on circumstances. If the cost prohibits your attendance please contact us to discuss what is possible.

Correlators: Derek Elliott & Ally Stott

Derek has been involved in offering and developing these courses since their inception. He works as a contemporary furniture designer and as a practicing yoga teacher. He hosts sessions and courses in meditation and contemplative breathing in the Oxford area.

Ally brings an embodied wholearth approach to the correlation of these courses and her work with people exploring ‘what matters’, in these times of change, challenge and opportunity. She has a background as a Mindfulness-based psychotherapist, artist and charity co-ordinator for people living with life-threatening illness. Wild swimming, Trees and her allotment bring joy, learning and nourishment to life.

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