Free Online 7-week Course: Discovering Unity

Tuesday, 19th January, 2021 19:30
Tuesday, 2nd March, 2021 00:00


Discovering Unity

7 week 2h evening sessions: Starts Tuesday 19th of January, 2021 at 7.30pm BST

Everything is connected with everything else. If there is one insight that the past period of insecurity and uncertainty has made apparent it is this. The things we thought were rock solid and certain suddenly fell apart. It is interesting that through the falling away of apparent certainties parts of the underlying structure of the world and ourselves become visible. Everything is connected with everything else, because they are of One thing. This insight can be an inspiration for us in the choices we make and the way we behave.

We propose to undertake a journey, with whoever wants to join us, to uncover the presence of this Unity and the full implications this will have for our lives. We offer this online course as a platform where we can study, meditate and share different sources of true wisdom. Also we will look together for ways in which we can, through practice and action, make this innate consciousness a living reality in our daily lives.

Normally offered face-to-face as a residential course, we have adapted the course to a series of online modules using the Zoom video-conferencing platform.

One 2-hour session (with a short half-time break) will be held each week, to include study of wisdom texts, conversation and supporting practices. These sessions are supplemented by personal study and practices.

Places are limited to 14 people, so please don’t delay if you are interested in joining the course.


  • One weekly session: Starts Tuesday, 19th of January, and ends Tuesday, 2nd of March. Provisionally the time is set for sessions to start at 19.30 BST, but this can be changed to accommodate students from different time zones.

  • Free of Charge: There is no fee for the course but donations to the Chisholme Institute are welcomed.

For further information or to book, contact the course facilitator, Marijke Kretzers, on

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If this course is fully subscribed there will be other opportunities. Please register your interest.

Course Facilitators:
Marijke and Nazir have been involved in this quest of Unity since they met some forty years ago. Marijke was a student and correlator at the Beshara school and the Chisholme Institude and is a qualified mindfulness trainer. She is also a professional restorer of paintings. Nazir was also a student of the Beshara school and the Chisholme Institude in the seventies, and he works as an antique dealer in the Netherlands. He also teaches Zen meditation. Throughout the years Marijke and Nazir have been facilitating courses in study and meditation in the Netherlands.



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