Discovering Unity: One week retreat

Saturday, 20th April, 2019 19:00
Saturday, 27th April, 2019 14:00

How to pay: We will write to arrange payment with you once we have confirmed your place on this course. Please let us know your preferred method of payment by ticking one of the choices below.
Course fees are kept to an absolute minimum – please, if you would like, add a donation towards our scholarship fund, which supports students and visitors on low income.

Self knowledge is a process of uncovering, realising, and awakening to what is innate in all of us. This journey is for anyone who questions their reality, their place and purpose in this life.

The course provides an opportunity to begin cultivating awareness through texts and practices that support self-enquiry.

It will allow us to go deeper into questions about life, love, the world, and explore the meaning of being human from the perspective of oneness. It offers periods for meditation, for group study and conversation, for practical work and for contemplation.

In study we will explore the foundations of unity, examining and questioning deeply its expression and implications in our own selves and in the world, today, in a practical sense. Texts come from a variety of sources including Rumi, Ibn ‘Arabi, the Tao te Ching as well as contemporary wisdom texts and papers written specially for the School.

In the evening various complementary activities are on offer, such as films, walks and contemplations, and weekly ‘zikr’, or 'rememoration', a devotional practice using sound and movement.

As each person is unique, so each course comprises different ingredients, and no two courses are ever the same. Texts are chosen according to the themes and questions that arise from you and your fellow students. And although this course is self standing it also serves as a preparation for those who are considering a deeper immersion in the education offered at Chisholme.

A week will seem all too brief, but the measure of it is in our own willingness to dig deep into the mystery of being that is our true self.

Accommodation and Timing
The course is fully residential and starts at supper time (7pm) on Saturday evening and runs until the following Saturday after lunch (about 2pm).

Includes accommodation and all meals.
Please pay a non-refundable deposit of £60 when booking. The balance can be paid once at Chisholme when you arrive.

Note on course fees: There are no standard concessions offered because the fees have already been kept low. However, we do want the courses to be available for people on low incomes, so if the fee is a genuine difficulty for you then perhaps we can help.

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