40 Day Intensive Retreat Course

Monday, 15th October, 2018 00:00
Friday, 23rd November, 2018 21:00


What does it mean to be human?

How do we relate to ourselves, to others, to the world?

These residential retreats are an opportunity to find full appreciation of our potential as a human being. It is an exploration of our self, of our very being, and of the nature of our relationship with others and the world.

The courses are based on the most inclusive perspective – that of the unity of all existence, by which all things are naturally interconnected. This understanding is reflected throughout the content and structure of the course.

Chisholme House and the beautiful estate provide a supportive environment for a journey of self-discovery in the company of fellow students and the facilitators who will assist you.

The courses follow a modular format with six themes
• Beginning at the Beginning
• The One and the Many: Being and Consciousness
• Human Reality and Experience
• Relationships
• The Way
• Love and Beauty

By combining theory and practice, over the forty days mind, body, spirit and heart are all brought into play.

Study and conversation sessions draw on the works of masters from different wisdom traditions, primarily Ibn Arabi, Rumi and Lao Tsu. Study material is also taken from more contemporary sources – for example Einstein and Adyashanti.

Meditation takes place each day, either silent or guided. Experienced mindfulness practitioners lead the guided meditations.

Work in the house, kitchen and estate or in the organic garden offers an opportunity to put the themes explored in study into practice. Here we can also learn new skills and connect with the beautiful, bountiful land Chisholme is supported by.

Devotional Practice in the evenings takes the form of periods for silent contemplation with fellow students as well as time to share insights and questions, or group devotional practice of zikr (remembrance).

Throughout each day an awareness of what is happening in the instant is being cultivated. In this way we can enter into a more conscious and compassionate relationship to ourselves, to others and to the world.

Students are given regular opportunity for one-to-one discussions with a member of staff.

Commitment: Please note that this is an intensive, full-time course.
There are no days off.
The daily time table starts with meditation at 7am and most days continues until 10 to 10.30pm in the evening. It requires wholehearted commitment.
You are strongly advised to participate in a short course at Chisholme before applying.
Please let us know if this create difficulties due to distance or other issues.
A detailed timetable is available on request.

Meals: The kitchen provides food in keeping with the spiritual and material aims of its education. Chisholme is not vegetarian but meat is prepared with respect for its benefit and origin. Vegetarian dishes comprise the majority of the food served and are always available as an option. We are unable to cater for vegan diets. Any other dietary requirements due to medical need should be discussed when you apply.

Course Dates
Please arrive on Sunday, 14th of October.
The course starts on Monday 15 October.
It ends after supper on the evening of Friday 23rd of November.

Closing Date for Applications:
August 15th, 2018

To find out more, please email secretary@chisholme.org
or ring Tel +44 (0)1450 880 215

£1500; deposit £200

Help with course fees:
By prior arrangement, it is possible to pay the course fees in instalments over a period of time.
There is also a scholarship fund which might be able to give some help towards course fees. We try to ensure that the education offered at Chisholme is accessible to all who would benefit from it. So if you find the cost prohibitive please write to secretary@chisholme.org to enquire about reduced or deferred course fees.

Re-imbursments: If a retreat is cancelled your deposit will be refunded in full. Confirmation that the course is running will be sent to you very shortly after the closing date for applications. If you have to leave the course early, re-imbursement of part of your course fees might apply. Details are explained when you apply for the course.

Course continuation:

A follow-on course of 99 days is proposed for the winter of 2018/19. It will be open to anyone who has participated in the 40-Day Retreat or completed a previous Six-month Course/Two-year On-line Course.
Please get in touch if you feel this opportunity might be for you.

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